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Use Tuscan kitchen accessories for a warm, romantically beautiful kitchen makeover!

The region of Tuscany, Italy is renowned for its warm, colorful and romantically appealing style of home decor. The Tuscan kitchen exemplifies the warm hospitality and elegance of the gracious Tuscan home. In Tuscany, as is true all over Italy, the kitchen is central to the 'good life'. Tuscan kitchen accessories carry distinctive designs, particularly apparent in ceramics, wood and wrought iron. While we may not all have the opportunity to visit Italy, we can emulate this beautiful style in our own homes with authentic Tuscan kitchen accessories, which are readily available online. Here are a few ideas to get you started on an inexpensive, but absolutely lovely kitchen makeover.

From colorful ceramic ware, such as serving pieces, vases and fruit bowls, to wrought iron kitchen towel racks and wine racks, these traditional Tuscan kitchen accessories are functional, yet beautiful, lending charm to your kitchen as few other decorating styles can. When you compare the cost of the usual kitchen makeover with accessorizing with the Tuscan look, it's a bargain!

Colorful ceramic pitchers make a bold statement at the dinner table, one filled with ice cold water and the other with wine. Spark up your counter top with a Tuscan vase filled with fresh flowers. A large ceramic fruit bowl, hand painted with a bright design is perfect on a sideboard or buffet. Try hanging a matched set of wrought iron towel racks and perhaps a paper towel holder to get that Tuscan feeling rolling.

Google 'Tuscan kitchen accessories ceramics' for plenty of hand painted Tuscan ceramic ware. Using an image search yields photos from these sites. Click through on designs that you find appealing. (You may find yourself visiting many sites!) While you're browsing, check out other Tuscan kitchen accessories, such as salt and pepper sets, terracotta garlic keepers, wine racks and kitchen canisters.

Even Rover can get into the Tuscan mode, with a food bowl decorated in the Tuscan style! So much more elegant than the regular plastic dog dish!

Be sure to check what Tuscan treasures you might find on eBay as well. With a little dedicated searching, you can find some lovely bargains.

Any of the online art poster sites will yield many attractive reproductions featuring landscapes and Tuscan themed. Make your selections and choose from many framing options.

Visit your local home improvement center to find a typically Tuscan styled bronze water faucet.

You can see how easy and delightfully fun it can be to do a kitchen makeover using Tuscan kitchen accessories exclusively. Of course, this may be preceded with a fresh coat of paint and a few rustic faux beams to complete the picture. Once you start exploring the world of lovely Tuscany, one thing leads to another. Next thing you know, you may be installing a Tuscan tiled island! Wow! Your new kitchen will surely be the envy of the neighborhood.

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