Kamis, 03 Mei 2012

Ergonomic Keyboards Increase Comfort and Productivity at Work

I spend the better part of my day typing at my computer, so it doesn't take long for me to begin to feel the effects of all that repetitive motion. I had never experienced carpal tunnel syndrome before I began working from home, but now I know just how painful this condition can be. For a while, I was taking plenty of over-the-counter medications to alleviate the discomfort, but I began to worry about the long-term effects of taking these pain relievers so regularly. I decided I needed to look for a different approach to my work discomfort, and I found the solution with ergonomic keyboards.

There are many styles of ergonomic keyboards available so it was easy to find the right one for my needs. Split models actually come in two or three sections, arranged for maximum comfort. Some of them are adjustable, so you can find the best position for your particular typing technique. Contoured styles come with a sloped keyboard in a shape that is easy on the wrists and hands. Many of these designs also came with split keys to add to the ease of use. I also found ergonomic keyboards in smaller sizes that were just right for my younger students to use comfortably.

The best way to choose the right ergonomic keyboards for daily use was to try out a bunch of different ones to see which felt most comfortable and were the easiest to use. It was a little weird getting used to the different key placement and the shapes of the boards, but when I realized how much less pain I experienced after a day of work, it was worth the time spent to adapt to the new equipment. There are also a variety of choices in an ergonomically designed mouse, which was much easier to adapt to and added to my comfort level. It was truly amazing to think that something as simple as an ergonomic keyboard and mouse could make such a difference in my productivity and my comfort level every day.

I am now a total believer in the usefulness of ergonomic keyboards, and find that my workdays are much more pleasant when I am pain free. Of course, these new peripherals don't do much to relieve the headache I get when my boss moves up a deadline without warning or loads me up with more paperwork! I guess there are some types of pain that Tylenol is still good for. However, thanks to my ergonomically designed office, even those headaches are easier to handle!

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