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Seven innovative and economical uses for cosmetic bags: beyond cosmetics

Most women have a cosmetic bag, that they keep in the bathroom and then put in their purse as a traveling touch up kit. While cosmetic bags are marketed strictly as cosmetic containers, they come in so many sizes, they're an inexpensive alternative for other such like objects you want to have handy, all in one place. Here we've got seven innovative ways to use these inexpensive bags, performing the same objective as their more expensive counterparts. They are compact and travel easily. For certain purposes, the see through cosmetic bag makes for a quick identification of the contents, useful in emergency situations.

1.A clear plastic cosmetic bag is a perfect container for an emergency first aid kit. Those first aid kits made of a blue plastic box emblazoned with a red cross usually carry a price that doesn't warrant the price of the contents. Buy the first aid supplies you want to have on hand and then buy a bag to fit. Stuff yours with antibiotic cream, band-aids, gauze pads, a snake bite kit, charcoal or whatever your situation demands. You're sure to save 50% over the ready-made kit. Use a permanent marker to draw a big red cross across the bag for easy ID.

2.If you take vitamins or medicines on a daily basic, the handy cosmetic bag is a good alternative for those specially tooled boxes made for the purpose. Keep them in your purse, so you never forget a dose.

3.Larger sized bags are a great storage solution for road maps. Take out the one you need and when you're done, just stash it back inside the bag. This allows you to easily find the map when you need it and prevents the map from ending up on the floor where it soon become torn, dirty and tattered, or lost.

4.How many times have you stopped in at the fast food drive-through, requesting extra mayo, mustard or ketchup for your food, only to discover they forgot? By this time, you're a mile down the freeway. Fill a small cosmetic bag with those little packets of condiments, salt and pepper and a few plastic forks, knives and napkins.

5.Here's another great use for the little bag. I discovered this one when I got tired of searching through my hand bag for my week's worth of receipts, so I could transfer the data to my spreadsheet. The receipts didn't fare well, especially those from the grocery which seem to be printed with disappearing ink! The drugstore, zippered cosmetic bag solved this problem, once and for all!

6.When you're at work and lose a button or tear a hem, do you have an emergency sewing kit at hand? All you need is a couple of needles, a few neutral thread colors, a pair of mini scissors and a few sizes of buttons and you're in business. It's not a bad idea to include an extra pair of stockings, rolled into a plastic bag.

7.Our last handy use of the humble cosmetic bag is that of an emergency tool kit container. One each flat head and Phillips screwdriver, a pair of pliers and an eyeglass repair kit is my version. Quite useful in a variety of situations.

Who would have thought that the cosmetic bag had so many other uses besides holding cosmetics? You'll be quite the organized person!

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