Jumat, 04 Mei 2012

Eliminating Pet Odors

I've been a dog-lover my whole life, and have always had at least one dog in my house at any given time. I currently have two fantastic companions that have been with me for the past 10 years or so. I didn't get these dogs when they were pups, so they're both actually more than 10 years old, which means that they're now starting to suffer from various ailments and health problems that didn't affect them when they were younger. For example, one of my dogs is becoming incontinent, while the other has a skin condion that causes her to smell terrible.

Because of these problems, I'm now in need of a product that's effective at eliminating pet odors. I have tried everything that the national stores carry, but haven't had any real luck so far. Instead of truly eliminating pet odors, those products simply cover up the smell temporarily, which leaves me back at square one every few days. I want something that I can apply once (or even a few times) and be done with . This constant cycle of trying new products, having the smell go away for a couple of days, and then starting all over again is leaving me utterly exhausted.

Since I wasn't getting results from the national brands, I got online to see what other kinds of products are out there. I found a lot of different solvents, enzymes, and powders that claim to be effective at eliminating pet odors, but since I've never heard of any of these before, I'm going to have to take some time to read consumer reviews before I buy anything. Once I narrow the possibilies down to a short list of choices, I'll then start buying the products one by one. If I find one that's successful at eliminating pet odors, great. If not, I'll keep working my way through the rest of my list. This could get expensive, but if I find something that works, 'll be worth .

When these problems with my dogs started, I pretty much closed my house off to friends and other visors. I'm completely embarrassed by the smell, and don't want others to come in here until I can get this suation resolved.

Once I can eliminate pet odors in my house, I'll be able to get my life back, while still enjoying the constant companionship of my beloved dogs. Really, I'd pay any price for that!

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