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Over 40 Pregnancy

When we are young, we assume that we are going to have children (if that is what we want) when we are in our twenties or even our early thirties. What we don’t realize is that we can not always know how life is going to go, and that may not be possible. It could be that we don’t find the right person as soon as we want, or that we want to put more energy into our careers. There is also the possibility of fertility issues. What is great to know is that over 40 pregnancy is much safer and more common than it used to be.

I have a friend who had an over 40 pregnancy with both of her daughters. This was the case simply by choice. She had a great career in media and broadcasting, and then wanted to have her children later on. This was something that she and her husband were both onboard with. Once she was ready, she realized that she would be dealing with over 40 pregnancy. She was a bit worried, but she had two normal pregnancies and is now the mom to two beautiful little girls. For her, there were no health issues involved.

Not all women are as lucky as my friend. They may have more problems with an over 40 pregnancy. Though the risks are higher, as they have always been, the care that can be had by those that need it is better and better each year. What once would have been a life threatening complication during over 40 pregnancy can now be something that is treated very easily and soon forgotten. The rest of the pregnancy can then go smoothly. That is good news for any women who wants to get pregnant after 40.

If you are having fertility problems, over 40 pregnancy is going to be something you may have to consider. The problem is that when you have such problems, they are only going to be worse when you hit that time in life. That means those in that time period are going to have to use some fertility treatments to get pregnant. You may groan at the prospect, but that is actually a very good idea. If you are already getting good care for over 40 pregnancy attempts, you are going to have the attention you need to be sure you are healthy throughout the entire thing.

When your life dictates that you are going to have to have an over 40 pregnancy (or even an over 50 pregnancy) you have to be prepared and know more about what could happen. For the most part, these are higher risk, but you may not have the problems that you think you are going to have. These pregnancies can be just as safe and enjoyable as the ones you would have at any other age. Just remember that having a baby over 40 means you won’t have the same energy that you would have had in your twenties. That shouldn’t stop you if you want a family, but it may cut down on the size of family that you may wish to have.

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