Senin, 07 Mei 2012

Comfortable and Stylish Extra Wide Shoes

As a larger woman, there are many nuisances that I have to put up with on a daily basis, from unflattering comments and outright rudeness to not being able to buy my footwear right off the rack. I learned long ago how to tune out the former hassle, but I didn't solve my shoe problem until just recently when I found a couple of great websites that stock extra wide shoes.

Let's face it: if you walk into any shoe store in the mall, you run the risk of the place not carrying your size. That's because retailers like that have a very limited amount of storage space on the premises and therefore must confine themselves to stocking only the most popular sizes at any given time. That's terrific news for women who wear a size 8 or a 9, but it's a major inconvenience for those of us who need extra wide shoes in widths of 2E or greater. Clearly, we're never going to be able to shop anywhere but at specialty apparel stores or online merchants. And let me tell you, once I bought my first pair of extra wide shoes online a few months ago, I immediately became hooked on the process!

For one thing, I love how easy it is to find the perfect pair of extra wide shoes right from the comfort of my chair. By shopping online, I can breeze through the selections of five different retailers in a matter of minutes to see if there's anything I like. It's so nice to finally have an entire range of styles to choose from! I'd gotten so used to having only a handful of options when shopping for extra wide shoes that my head was practically swimming from the indecision! But this is definitely a nice "obstacle" to be faced with, considering the alternative.

Another thing that I love about being able to buy extra wide shoes online is having the ability to purchase all my footwear from a single store. Because an online merchant is more likely to have an extensive stock of products on hand, I can buy pumps for work, cross-trainers for walking around town, flats for a more casual look, or heels for special occasions all from the same place. Some websites even offer additional discounts when purchasing multiple pairs of extra wide shoes, so the more I buy, the more I save. How cool is that?

I can't even begin to tell you what a relief it is to know I can locate extra wide shoes in the latest styles whenever I want. No more settling for footwear that looks good only on granny or having to shop in the men's department to find something that fits. I wish I had started doing this years ago!

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