Kamis, 03 Mei 2012

Having Trouble Sleeping

A few months ago, I was having trouble sleeping. Nothing seemed to be wrong in my life, but for some reason I just couldn't get to sleep at night. I know little bit about types of sleeping disorders because my parents were both been sleep researchers for about 10 years, and I knew that sometimes, insomnia just hits for no expected reason. You can be in good shape, have good health, not have any serious anxiety disorders, and still just come down with a bout of insomnia. The only thing to do is to try out all of the sleeping aids and cures until you find something that works.

The last time I had been having trouble sleeping was when I was about 12 years old. Back then, it had a lot to do with anxiety. I used to have bad dreams, and it would keep me up at night. The best natural cure for insomnia when you are a child is to be read a story by your parents. My mom would read me several pages from some great story book every single might for about a month, and after a while my sleeping problem went away. That is why, when I started having trouble sleeping again, the first thing I thought of was reading. I figured that if I read more books, my problems with insomnia would go away.

It did help to distract me, but reading wasn't really getting me to sleep. All that was happening was that, instead of just lying in bed all night, I was lying in bed reading all night. Eventually I would get to sleep, but I was getting only a few hours every night – far less than I really needed to keep going. I tried taking walks, doing some writing, and even stretching before bed, but nothing seemed to stop me from having trouble sleeping.

What finally did it for me was an insomnia herbal remedy. It had valerian root, kava kava, hops, and several other ingredients in it. It was a pretty typical natural sleep aid, and I actually bought it at the local pharmacy and not at some specialty store. I was skeptical when I first tried it, but it really did the trick. The first couple days, I was so completely knocked out that I actually slept for over 10 hours. After a while, I get used to the sleep aid and it didn't knock me out quite as thoroughly. I still use it to this day whenever I am having trouble sleeping. Although my insomnia problems have gone away, every once in a while I still have a night when I need that herbal sleeping pill. It is good to have around just in case.

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