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Home theater system

After two years of having a home theater system in my house but still in boxes, I can happily say that is now completely hooked up. It was paid off long before my husband stopped complaining about not being hooked up and actually spent a weekend figuring out how to get up and running. Sure, there are some extra holes in walls that weren’t there previously and a lot of bad language was muttered from the family room, but all in all – was a success.

When he first decided to purchase a home theater system, I bulked. I knew that he was not skilled enough to actually master the art of hooking up on his own. And, I knew that we didn’t have a few extra dollars to have professionals come in and do for us. I had simply hoped that he’d take my hint and not buy . Of course, he was oblivious to my pleas and he purchased a rather expensive one. We paid off whin the first year. He was really exced about but after reading the directions several times, he started to pretend didn’t exist. I knew that involved lots of wiring, hanging of speakers and coordinating but I wasn’t the least b able to help him. People kept offering to help him but they never followed through with actually helping him to install . Our expensive home theater system was eventually pushed into the hallway closet and stored there until just recently. I was secretly debating hiring some professionals to come out and install just so that I’d have my closet back and he

wouldn’t be pouting anymore about how wonderful the home theater system would sound if he could figure out. However, they wanted to charge me a huge fee and I just refused to pay for that.

We bought our home theater system at a great time – Circu Cy was having a huge sale and we get an entire year of financing for 0%. None of the salespeople asked us if we needed assistance with installation. Not that my husband would have accepted ; he was determined to do this on his own. It never happened.

So now, our home theater system is installed and works wonderfully. We all love . However, the next time that we decide to invest in something like this, I’ll be sure that we’re well aware of how to install or else we adm that we need help before s too late. For something as expensive as a home theater system, you just may want to consider having some professional individuals use their own knowledge and tools to ensure that doesn’t take two years before is hooked up. Just some advice.

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