Rabu, 09 Mei 2012

Dog Behavior Problems

Most canine owners have to deal with dog behavior problems at one point or another. Maybe your dog is more difficult to toilet train than it should be, or likes to chew things up and leave them wrecked all over your apartment. In some cases, however, dog behavioral problems get so severe that they require the attention of a professional dog trainer. If this happens to you, The sooner you realize that you need the services of a professional, the better.

When I adopted my pooch,I certainly expected a few dog behavior problems. I knew how adopted puppies could be. Most of them had been abandoned at least once, and some of them multiple times. Some of the dogs have been abused, and all of them have trust issues. Like people, this could cause them to act out.

In the case of the dog I bought, the canine behavior issues didn't start right away. She seemed pretty well-trained for the most part. Then all of a sudden, the dog behavior problems started. I don't know what set it off, but suddenly she was afraid to see me leave the apartment. I think she was worried that I would not come back. If I left for even five minutes, she would literally go crazy. She would run around, howling, running into things, peeing on the floor, and acting out in any way she could. It was a serious dog behavior problem because I lived with house mates. They don't want to have to put up with my dog's insane behavior.

I tried a few dog training tips, but they didn't work out that well. For a while, I would leave for only five minutes at a time, But I was unable to get her to adjust to me being gone for longer. Finally, I called a professional dog trainer.

Apparently, I had already been on the right track for treating my dog's behavior problems. The key was persistence. I hadn't really realized how much work it would take. My trainer told me to always tell my dog that I would be right back using the the same words each time I left. First I would leave for 20 seconds and come in the door, than 30 seconds, then a minute, and slowly on up to an hour. It took weeks and greatly inconvenienced me, but eventually I was able to do it. Nowadays, she is very well behaved.

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